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Laugh Through Difficult ~cHAnge!~


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What’s so funny about change?  Nothing.  Until we learn how to laugh! 

Dr. Trina Hess’ Humor Academy presents the science of laughs — products and programs that help you  

Laugh through difficult change!

What’s the first thing we lose during difficult change?  Our sense of humor.

When we lose our sense of humor, we lose hope.  We give up.  
Dr. Trina Hess’ Comedy World was built on a solid background in comedy performance, and original academic research on work transitions, Living Between the Extremes.
We’ve combined these two diverse worlds to help you see how change CAN be fun.  And funny.  Successful change requires us to reconstruct ourselves–mentally, physically, emotionally. One of the themes that emerged was the necessity of HUMOR in allowing career changers, grievers, people-in-limbo, to move forward in their lives more confidently and more stress-free.
My study participants showed me that no matter how difficult your circumstances or challenges from the past, laughter starts us on the journey toward healthy living.  It’s not the cure-all, but it is the piston that turns us around the bend and re-shapes our perspective so we can begin to think, feel, act, live differently.
When we can laugh, we feel capable of transcending difficult situations and coping with difficult people.  Our sense of humor is our most convenient and powerful remedy.  But when we’re in the middle of difficult change, sometimes we need tools that can help pry open our humor skills.  That’s what Laughter Meditation does.  It’s a fun, easy, and quick way to feel more in control, relaxed, motivated, and focused.
Welcome to my world–where you will find resources that awaken your sense of humor.  Get ready to lighten your world–enrich your physical wellness and integrate the mind-body solution that makes for a better path toward your goals.


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